clairol metalex

My told me she would buy clairol metalex to change her color. I wonder if that is possible, since she said that is not like blanching hair. I want to hear something about this product. Is that much expensive product, since I hear for this for the first time? Is there someone who tried this clairol metalex and could give me some info?


Although I have heard for different experiences, mine is not so good with Metalex conditioner by Clairol. If that is product, I think I have to say I just returned some to the drugstore where I got it. I bought it at the first place, it would take permanent color out of my hair. When I got it home and read the directions, it stated that it would only take out non-permanent color, which was not mine problem. When I have heard comercial for this product, they said there is a product called Metalex available at beauty supply stores. They were claiming that is a mild color remover, which will not change your regular hair color, as bleach would do. Then how it can lighten a shade or two, which is question I still, do not understand. Is that normal it can be applied a few times if we notice color rinsing out in the and not damage hair? My friend used it when she thought that she would look good in a deep auburn haircolor, which was permanent. She mixed it with shampoo and used it for the first poo then followed up with a regular poo. Took about 3 weeks for it to fade the red out in her case and she was happy with results of Methalex Clairol. As you see, that is individual, so you can try it to see how it works for you.

Ths Clairol product did not used to be available in retail stores. What is there now may be a weaker version. It is a color remover for safely removing artificial color. The changing of the hair color was done with the application of the hari coloring. Most temporary colors do not lighten. However, permanent colors do lighten, and once the permanent color is removed, what is left may be considerably lighter than the natural shade, since metalex cannot put back that original . It is generally used for a really extreme color change, such as black to blonde to remove artificial color. The resulting color after a Metalex treatment is often not pleasant, but if no further color is wanted, one can apply a temporary rinse to tone it. If it is too brassy, the Roux White Minx or Clairol Silk and Silver or Moondrops work nicely.
To effect a gradual lightening and brightening you might try a simple vinegar rinse after shampooing, but it may dry the hair. Some of the new toned shampoos look good. If you want a gentle lightening, there is a product in beauty supply stores called oil bleach, which is very gently and much less damaging than any other lightener. To recondition, any shade of Egyptian Henna works well, even neutral, which has not color.
I hope this helps. I was a licensed cosmetologist in California and for years.
Ok it seems like this system posted my same reply twice, so I am editing this one, One other use for metalex is to fill the open spaces in very damaged colored hair before changing the color, because if they are not filled, the new color will :grab:, that is it will be darker and more intense where there is damage, possibly resulting in an unsightly uneven color in bands where there is damage or very dark ends.
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